when you take the train from amsterdam to antwerp
you cross a few tulip fields
and this huge river

i like how everything is so tiny in the distance


... we visited antwerp again

in search of other nice
neighbourhoods to live in

we stayed in the same apartment
as last time

having breakfast in the sun is so nice !

in the meantime cotton scarves
are dry and ready to be dyed

next up are the linen ones

〭 〬

i'm off

on a spring

see you next week :)

° h


josef strau

... we enjoyed an egg or two
watched a diy program
with a clever idea
and ended up spending easter like this

when you start with one thing ...
so maybe we'll paint the fence as well

garlic is pretty

my everyday bag
it has been with me for over 10 years

my alarm clock is 20 years old
it still works perfectly
... i like that

repair manifesto

are you going to eat lots of eggs ...
bon appetit !
... see you after easter


stokke austad


love the earthy colors she uses

i just found a place that sells
lots of plant dyes ... very interesting

their main use is for bath and wellness
so i have to research what colors they give

⋅ .

... went fabric shopping
couldn't resist the cotton ...
it has some metal in it


love shiny things

like maïze's gold

martina gecelli

... slowly getting back into things

ever talked to a mortgage man ...

... they talk a lot

... i want to say hi to my followers !

there's getting more and more of you

... i haven't used this blogger feature yet

is it pracitical ?