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josef strau

... we enjoyed an egg or two
watched a diy program
with a clever idea
and ended up spending easter like this

when you start with one thing ...
so maybe we'll paint the fence as well


Nelleke said...

I love the the work of Josef Strau. Very minimalistic, but still very interesting to look at.

Anonymous said...

oooo i love it here!

melinda said...

marvelous blog...very unique.

Anonymous said...

Pure Beauty those letters are.

Jules Moore said...

a nice sense of quiet

giulia said...

i like your blog.and your colour.and your scarves.
this is not only a blog.it's a concept.
the same sensation i felt in antwerp.everytime.

i will post this picture and other from your blog on my blog.
i hope you like it

baju batik said...

Very Nice
I really like this
great job