really like the cup cake part of this brooch... via french touche

and this portfolio by Jarno Kettunen

i've taken a closer look at my spoons....and that turned out to be
a very modest harvest let's just say that my collection can use some fresh input :
1 2 3

It's Friday again ... that went quick ... anyway have a nice weekend !


I've been meaning to show you this for a while now,
thought now is a good time since Autumn is setting in over here

click for bigger picture

It's a cabin by Mats Theselius called Eremitens koja meaning something like
the hermits hut... found it here

: beautiful portraits on smosch

• ­­–

Printed textiles by Dorte Agergaard Jensen , love the way she's showing them
and it would go great with the FLOCKS poof over here and these spoons...

Speaking of presenting....here's my first idea for the tea towel project

magnetic push pins by 100%

/ ⁄ / \

Work by Eiko Ishizawa.....very special

usually when someone says 'very special' they mean they like it but they're not
quite getting it or some other hurdle is stopping them from just saying 'beautiful'
I'm not sure yet about my reasons but i want to go and see it : until 30th of Sept.
in the Lloyd Hotel here in Amsterdam.

And i love Kelly's latest post especially the picture of the girl in the street.

─ ․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․

What is a girl to say....just gorgeous isn't it

The only knew thing i can mention about Deepa Panchamia
is that she's taking part in this exhibition in Finland

And there's a new seedling in the growing spoon collection : by Sandra
.....i'm starting to get tempted

Have a lovely weekend !

∩ ∙ ∙

Finally found the man responsible for this scarf 10 years ago,
Thibault van der Straete moved from Paris to Lima .... closer to the source
of his textiles : the alpaca's and only uses natural colors now.

My head is filled with wool like this skein from blue sky alpacas
something is brewing ....

And the tea towel project is almost finished which i'm really excited about,
need to do a photo shoot and a tag to go with it.....

through my stats i found Maize's blog who is a textile designer
... very beautiful designs


...New Marimekko fabric Aarni

A while ago Kelly showed me Lone lovschal's work...
She makes beautiful silver objects like this milk jug
the other one is made of porcelain .... and spoons.

It took me a while to find a nice combination but
....this one i like because it gives them a bit of power

Just saw this beautiful poof and rug by Paola Lenti on the style files...Daniele
is doing posts on grey objects , more grey tomorrow...

Marimekko scarf via FinnishDesignShop

Went to the insidedesign event on Saturday... nothing new there
although the kanika m. frings spoons were great to see again
(last 3 pictures in the set)

H&M started this new line of stores called COS

....and i do like these gloves too by chevalier-masson

i'll leave you with this picture by j-k-b

Have a nice weekend !

* ><

Yesterday i saw this pullover for the first time , it could be that you've seen it
already but i had to show it .... i'm hoping she enjoys wearing it and that she
doesn't have to pose all the time. By pip squeak chapeau

Love these stones via rose&radish

And there's a new fashion magazine called lepli from paris aimed at fashion
students. Issue nr 1 is scheduled for Oct. 1st

Which reminded me of a long gone magazine called jeunes createurs
Took pictures of 3 clippings ...over here

Lovely chair from the 30' called health chair
It was designed to sit behind an ironing machine

Book : XS -EXTRA SMALL over here


adidas deconstructed
by Yoshiaki Kaihatsu
via pingmag

everlasting sprout via
destination tokyo

Saw some beautiful knits too at maditi likes by maiami

you can see that i've been spending a lot of time on etsy looking for baby stuff

This i liked very much as well : small magazine featuring martha

▄ ▬ ▌▄ ▬ ■ ▪ ▄

As i said if your in and around Brussels this month , lots of things to see like :

New work by Christiane Högner at the 101% designed in brussels exhibition
space called CUSHIONIZED SOFA - an installation aimed to trigger our instinct for playfulness and spontaneity

and more interesting stuff because it's Design September in Brussels
Next weekend for example you can visit several design studio's/ateliers
Of which one is Urban Room


Tora Urup design

Comptoir des Cotonniers fall/winter

i'm sorry for the unexpected blog break... i'll say this about it : root canal

And for the people in Brussels : on Monday i'll post about an exhibition you might
like to visit ...

I'll leave you with this beautiful picture by .mal


When i saw this i thought my quest for a blanket was over...
Just love the colors and the transparency of the mohair.
By Lisbet Friis via redredred

....but it's a baby blanket and speaking of baby's I spent hours on a new to me
European version of etsy called DAWANDA looking for a present

Also spent hours on etsy where i would have bought these trousers and this bib if it would have been for my baby

And i thought all this would go great with this chair via k.c.k.

eraser by nendo

8 random things ..................................................................................................................

I've been eating strawberries with greek yoghurt every day this summer
Did that with tiramisu once....wouldn't recommend that one , although it was great while it lasted.

Two weeks ago i dyed my hair because i'm developing grey ones...
i like my own color and it's hard to find a color that looks the same

I called my blog grey but the word i use for it in private is rubble because that word
sums up all the different kinds of grey. I heard that word for the first time on September 11th 2001.
Large paint manufacturers started making what i call rubble colors because i wasn't the only one influenced in that way because of 9-11. They said it was because we needed safe colors around us.

Kate Bush used to be my roll model when i was about 10 or 12.

I love watching documentary's like the one over here

Next year i want to start taking driving lessons

Our cat isn't really ours , he walked in one day and decided he was going to live with us.
After 2 years he went missing , so we hung up posters around the neighborhood and we got a call from his owner who lives in our block telling us it was his cat. He doesn't mind Nico or Fritz as we like to call him is with us all the time.

Copenhagen is my favorite city to visit and i would like to move to Antwerp
One big + about Antwerp is that it's close to Paris.

I'm not tagging anyone else unless you insist on me to tag you.

I was tagged by Tracy over at simplyolive