de wiltfang

watering can

designed over a hundred years ago by an army man with a passion for
growing vanilla plants

... now let's go outside again
where the wind blows


love my valerian

summer boots


dico copenhagen

still working on the indigo scarf

have a nice weekend !

... noticed roadside flowers
a new passion
dug up some grass for the cat
daisies ...

and finally repaired one of frank's sweaters
thanks to this great project by heleen klopper

it's a wool on wool concept for repairing
love the idea although it makes you wish for a hole
whilst i'm doing my best to avoid them :)


... i'm dyeing a scarf for one of my customers
in indigo , i'll try to show it to you later

and i was looking for some inspiration on emma's blogg

saw this apartment

i like the wall dividing up the space

spring is just wonderful this year :)

. ․‧.

stephanie schneider


scarf by stephanie schneider

made of mohair and sterling silver

... love the uneven edges

... something for the boys in anothershop

a storefront that you can't see but it's there ... love it

...speaking of boys

my friend in lisbon had a little baby boy
'he is my brother, his name is rodrigo and when he is bigger he will jump up and down with me'
his little sister nina said
... so sweet of her

baby hat

happy weekend !

▪ ■

... who needs a toaster when you have cast iron

toasters are one of the worst electrical appliances
i can think of

... the mechanism
... the sound

it is such a joy

to toast bread

in this way

summer salad

the lettuce is called rode bindsla a red version of this one
grown on a wonderful farm

it's sold in a bundle of stacked leaves
... very pleasant to the eye and not expensive at all
now i sound like a commercial

still working on the recipe
balsamic vinegar is maybe a nice combination
and bacon works for sure

summer lasted for a few days ... it was wonderful :)


... an update on the lettuce :)

wanted to show you my favorite flower shop

... yumyum

love to look at it

this summer

these gray walls

will turn

chalk white

they need to be plastered first
that's why i'm packing things

... can't wait
it'll be so much lighter in here


louise i'll miss you