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... who needs a toaster when you have cast iron

toasters are one of the worst electrical appliances
i can think of

... the mechanism
... the sound

it is such a joy

to toast bread

in this way


sandra said...

totally agree :)

chelsea said...

Never tried it! What a funny idea!

mav said...

completely agree with you and did just the thing for lunch ... with some garlic scapes sauteed as well.

Celine said...

I agree!
I am just in love with my cast iron pans though. I love the way it sears my meat, and how perfeclty it makes my pancakes too!

jokemijn said...

my toaster has lost the ability to shoot out the bread when it's ready. This has left me with a large blue cloud in my kitchen several times. I think i join your opinion.

Michelle said...

your blog is a lovely quiet spot on the internet.