there' s nothing better than dyeing
with flowers

compared to powders
or wood i mean

the tag is for the washed fabrics
sticky notes via uguisu


annatto seeds

have a lovely sunday

. . . after 2 months

of waiting

it was time

to eat my lettuce !

would like to go and see the super normal exhibition in gent

. . . maybe next month

studio fludd

ineke hans

salad bowl

saw these wonderful brooches by studio fludd at
monique's blog / studio mhl
yesterday and fell in love with them
they are based in italy
notice the ice cream colors :)

... there's a nice exhibition by ineke hans
in arnhem

see more here

feather grass

... have been working on ways to package my scarves

there will be new scarves for autumn




i can wear my beloved sandals every day :)

summers in amsterdam are not always like that
as you can imagine


... out and about

bought this jam spoon from muji
i use it for mustard and strawberry jam
love it

... speaking of strawberries


... hotel room

linen bread bag


it was the closest town with a muji store

we had diners outside
watching soccer on screens
with everybody

it felt really good being there
eventhough much of the 19th century buildings
have been destroyed

had the best bread ever at brot & butter

i'll be out of town again
visiting family
see you
next monday :)