studio fludd

ineke hans

salad bowl

saw these wonderful brooches by studio fludd at
monique's blog / studio mhl
yesterday and fell in love with them
they are based in italy
notice the ice cream colors :)

... there's a nice exhibition by ineke hans
in arnhem

see more here


Kickcan & Conkers said...

I love Studio Fludd's work too. I recently bought some of their wooden wall decorations and they're gorgeous, as are the soft toys.

SuTurno said...

Love the mix colours/wood!

Studio Fludd said...

Thanks! We LOVE this blog.
We are creating a new collection for next Autumn-Winter season...

ANNA said...

stunning objects in this blog!

Mike said...

I never thought of a bowl being a piece of art. That is cool to think about.

Waptrick said...

Salad's time! :)

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