tomas alonso
v&a table +benches
beautiful ... everything

the light bulb as we know it
has to go ... it costs to much energy

don't know why but i felt the need to highlight
one beautiful specimen

... hmm just came across
these beautiful ceramic bowls

next week i can tell you when
the new scarves will be in the shop

have a lovely long weekend !


light and windows
are on my mind

... then jakobsson leaves a comment

perfect space perfect light
in copenhagen

and just as i was trying out nuno felting
sammy leaves a comment about a book
on nuno felting

... coincidences coincidences
happy ones

... speaking of mushrooms
these are quite nice !

for tokyo fiber '09 senseware

via stylepark

so looking forward
to going to the farmers' market tomorrow
for mushrooms.. flowers ...

it's called the noordermarkt
for those of you who'd like
to visit some time

wishing you a lovely weekend

something old something new

not spending much made me
more focused on
what to buy and what not

and enjoying the things i already have

like this soap bar
... such a lovely color

... tried out some leftover mushrooms
this weekend
it would be nice to go to a forest in autumn
to pick them myself

i was kind of struggling with the cotton scarves
because cotton is much harder to dye than wool
but i've found a way to make them look
just as nice as the woolen ones

hope your days are sunny
amsterdam is doing the rain-sun-rain theme

daphne isaacs
"gutter tap"

BLUR tables

via dezeen

i like poetry in design
and the dutch word for design

happy with the little ones popping up this year

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mike mills + gregoire alexandre

... i just got an e-mail from anne telling me that
we are both featured online in NNZ
the largest swiss newspaper apparently

... so nice and what an honour

grau ist gut

and when you scroll down on the main page
you'll see maditi is on there as well

let's have a toast to that !


aki nagasaka

... some days i'm in a yellow mood

and then it's gone again
until the next time

... the effect colors can have on you
still amazes me

something to enjoy

view from the train
van nelle factory
in rotterdam

beautiful header
nazara làzaro

all the scarves are mordanted
i can start dyeing !


jk keller

not knowing
how these images came about

... is maybe better

see for yourself
... i like them all

thanks to

wishing you a sunny weekend!