... speaking of mushrooms
these are quite nice !

for tokyo fiber '09 senseware

via stylepark

so looking forward
to going to the farmers' market tomorrow
for mushrooms.. flowers ...

it's called the noordermarkt
for those of you who'd like
to visit some time

wishing you a lovely weekend


melinda said...

he is so amazing. i can't believe it is done out of fabric.

so light and airy....magical.

Maia said...

ARe they lamps? I love them!!

Loraine said...

yes lamps with led bulbs so it doesn't get to hot.

... very beautiful

180360 said...

amazing! i love it.

*SNYdesign said...

I love these! So "poetic" incredibly beautiful

Unknown said...

I love these lamps so much! So poetic, magical!