I'm a bit late today because I went to get my hair cut
in my favorite neighborhood around the Haarlemmerdijk
in Amsterdam.
I got a head massage as well !

Bought some flowers...the sun was shining...perfect day.
Wishing you all a day like that.

Evenings outside

That's what I was thinking
Blizzard bulb lamp by Hella Jongerius
These are from 2002 and now 5 years later I don't love them any less
then when I saw them for the first time.
That's a good thing..that things stick with you.

New lights New table

In my mind that is.
The lights are made by Industrial Designer Sandra Lindner from Hamburg
Lindner im Norden.
The table is by Atelier Alinea from Switzerland.


I found EricandMarie design studio via Olivelse, she has a great blog with many
interesting links. I just had to show you this.
Éric Gaspar and Marie Bertholle are a team of graphic designers from Paris.
This book called Livre à l'huile (something like book of oil) is just one of their
many beautiful projects.

Gésine Hackenberg

Gésine Hackenberg graduated in 2001 at the jewelry department of
the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

Liquid spoons 2002
Delftse vingertjes (scoops) 2002
Kitchen necklace is part of an exhibition now at the Velvet da Vinci gallery
in San Francisco on Dutch jewelry called 'Golden Clogs , Dutch Mountains'


Having a bit of a virtual summertime breakfast.

Modular porcelain series by Ineke Hans
Fabric Stockholm by Maria Aström for Ikea


Caraffe by Charlotte Hargreave via Crafts Collection
Shoe by Camper

Have a nice weekend everybody !

Sylvain Willenz

Sylvain Willenz studied Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 2003 and now lives in Brussels.
Antwerp has it's "Antwerp Six" and now Brussels has found it's own claim to fame with
101% Designed in Brussels. This year they are sending 5 designers to the ICFF in New York.

Sylvain Willenz
Christiane Högner
Charlotte Lancelot

Diane Steverlynk

Top : illustration for a prototype called Soft Liquid(s)
a supple container made of a folded piece of waterproof
paper or fabric 2004
Middle : Take Away, leather bag 2002-2005
Bottom : Dots collection , carpet made of felted woolen balls 2006
Produced by Belgian luxury carpets company Limited Edition
Diane Steverlynk is also from Brussels and I'm saying that because
"things are happening" design-wise in Belgium....
I'll be posting more on that soon.


UrbanRoom : Brussels based design studio founded in 2004
by Kris Gysels and Eva Verbeiren.The Table is called T2
The vintage beads I found at Jewelex

The fabric is designed by Anna Sörensson for Swedish
textile company Ljundbergs
Bench "Dog" by Swiss furniture company Moobel

Plain and simple...

wishful dreaming..

Kooktegel by Sandra Dijkstra, concrete floor tile
with a gas burner
Serpentine "plug and spray" garden shower by Tom De Vrieze
for Extremis


I got a nice e-mail from Maren Korbøl telling me that you can see more
of her work on her Myspace page. You can also check out what her friends are up to (creatively speeking)

Bonnet + Slim

Last Monday I went to The Frozen Fountain and saw these beauty's
The fabric for the poofs is designed by Liset van der Scheer for Belgian carpet
company Casalis
Table Slim is designed by Bertjan Pot for Dutch furniture company Arco
as part of a project "Arco2" which included 3 other designers : Ineke Hans
Miriam van der Lubbe and Floris Schoonderbeek

Jimena Rios

Jimena Rios from Argentina studied Jewelry in Barcelona and Florence,
in her work she uses silver, gold , fabrics and pearls.
On her website you can see more...these 2 pieces are my favorites.

Antje Dienstbir

Antje Dienstbir is a silversmith from Germany
She calls herself Löffelschmiedin , because she makes spoons and only spoons


for another load...

In the meantime I would like to introduce you to some people
I got to know this week, who all have inspiring things to show you

Heather Moore




Love tiny parts and the 'lets put a matchstick next to it'
By a company called Jaccard

Have a nice weekend everybody and thanks for all the kind words!

Been here and gone

photography Michal Kluvanek

These beautiful ceramic objects are made by Angela Valamanesh
The texture reminded me of the texture of the tip of a match
Title : Been here and gone 2006
found it here

Red thread

Clothes by Maren Korbøl 2006 graduate at Danmarks Designskole
Beautiful pictures also
I couldn't find any further links, hope she has a website soon..

Love the idea of flexible lights, it's made by re-producte from Germany.
The textiles are made by Karin Bjørneboe, another 2006 graduate from
Danmarks Designskole


Kitchen towels (1937) by Kitty van der Mijll-Dekker (1908-2004)
The Textile Museum Tilburg (Holland) is showing her work at the moment.
The Museum still reproduces some of her work and sells it in their shop.
She studied at the Bauhaus school for art and architecture in Dessau Germany

The photograph is made by Ola Kolehmainen via Galerie Anhava,
He was born in 1964 in Helsinki but lives in Berlin.
There is no real connection between him and Bauhaus,
but for me there's a connection.