. . . some vintage sofa's

love them

there's another one i'm bidding on

i'll © when i've made up my mind . . .

. . . someone in my street had a party
on the pavement

soft shock

. . . i've been going to the market a lot

for fish and herbs

the sound of barcelona

+  i'm working on new scarves !

. . . it started with a little book about bauhaus

and now i'm into

vintage furniture again . . .

top : new lamp that arrived today

bottom : fabric for the curtains

sambucus nigra

 . . . it's winter

and very dark

have a lovely weekend

i'm in the mood for cooking


i like the almost non existing ones

just tiny bits of color

for walls and floors

. . . this might not be new to you
it was sort of a discovery for me

thanks alex / the post family !

┉ ┋

. . . a magazine on design/fashion

what i love about it
is how beautifully the photograph and the paper
go together

the graphic design is very beautiful as well
it's written in both dutch+english