.                                  .      Madame  Grès

                 i went to see her exhibition at the fashion museum in antwerp   momu

                 you could feel how much she had loved fabrics and clothes


. ▪


kevin russ |  streetwalker

                                             a travelling photographer

.                         .        hopper

some places you know your going to love instantly

hopper coffee

my coffee and chiabatta with taleggio cheese  so * good

i need places like this


                    .                         .



                    a beautiful card of a about 20 cm / 8 inch

                   @ valerie traan

                   + some callicarpa branches    


▗ ▘


     .                          .           a book of poems

     by bart moeyaert

     i was staying at a girl's apartment via airbnb

     besides beautiful it was filled with books and poems and little notes on the wal written with an old typewriter

     some people and some things can change you for the better  ,

     like your comments and e-mails

     p.s. antwerp was beautiful as always

.                            .        

 i've found lot's of beautiful things

on the pavement

i'm going to visit antwerp

see you in a week


thank you for being there for me




               .                        .

               my life is a bit upside down
               at the moment

               he left me
              just like that

               i'm trying to find myself again

               into black and white
               and rings