╸ ╹

.                        .            it's   ♚'s day

everyone is free to sell things on the pavement      it's fun *

+ we don't have a goverment at the moment

almost something to celebrate because we don't have to put up with geert anymore , at least for now


.                        .           gauzak          barcelona

love this table +  styling so much that i'm showing you 2 pictures

p.s.  i 'm using the dots as a way to
start fresh every time i post



     .                        .        comme des garcon 1997

     one of the best collections ever      to me

     more in my 07  post  


     still love it





◖ ◗

.                         .          vintage tiles

the new TEX tiles by raw edges make me very happy

+ casa tiles from sweden

p.s.  photographed on the haarlemmerdijk

▔ ▂



               .                         .          something quiet for today

                next to the sofa


            +  beautiful hair styling

                    via jokemijn


os waterboiler

.                         .   there's something about this waterboiler that made me so happy

it's part of the  open structures  project made by jesse howard + thomas lommée
now shown in milan at  Perspectives an exhibition about belgian design : an interview with the curator

it made me happy because it's playful , funny in a serious way and will probably make good coffee as well

i would love to try it

p.s. the yellow coffee filter + paper + glass are quite essential parts of it's beauty


                .                              .                          mina perhonen


                                                                                      miya kondo                   



◗  some things that made me happy about the salone del mobile for next week


.                         .           feathers

i'm using this week a bit for  things to do

.                         .      caquelon de moules    1968

i thought the black version was one of my most loved pieces of art until i discovered this piece

by marcel broodthaers