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Some inspiration...love these shapes
and the shades the birds are making

I'm still thinking about my favorites for Irene's weekend read
What my favorite house would be for example...

:: big windows
:: high ceiling

and my favorite mid-century designer would have to be Charles and Ray Eames
but i'm more grateful to the Bauhaus movement because it brought light into
our homes,white walls, clear lines and no more dark and dusty velvet curtains...
But they needed something to soften all that and that's were the textile designers
came in,like this wall hanging by Anni Albers


Janfamily- Plans for other days

Published by Booth&Clibborn 2005
I saw it for sale here

These are some pictures from another book by Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund
called How these things live 2004
Nina and marie produce art work together under the name of Janfamily
Their work is about how you relate to people and objects.

.... another book on my very vague wish list
....waiting for the swap package
....and still messing about with fabric dye that doesn't produce black but
more grey-ish and blue colors .... ?

˙/ ˙˙

Beautiful book....just found a website that sells it....hope they ship to the Netherlands
By NORMAL Studio/Jean-Francois Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï
It's called Paysage de table/Tablescape
Authors : JF Dingjian and Jeanne Quéheillard
ISBN : 2 9521491 3 5

Monday I'll be back with another book
and hopefully with the swap...

Have a nice weekend !
{I'm so glad to have met you all }


Portrait from a series called 'reversed' by Marjaana Kella
a Finnish photographer.... you can see her other pictures here
please do because the whole idea is beautiful...

A book was also published , by Basalt Publishers/van Zoetendaal gallery
they are closed for this month so I don't know if I can still get it

And....some magazines :

A Magazine


This is for all you spoon lovers out there....
made by silversmith Simone ten Hompel
I hope her work will show up in a gallery somewhere near...and soon

I'm really glad to be back
The {small} books swap is on it's way to Irena and because of that swap I'm all into books at the moment so more on that in the coming days.

And Irene did a great weekend read on her favorite design blogs


As you can see I've started collecting buddy icons.....
because some of them are real beauties

* Lying with the wolf

I'm going to take a blogging break until the 25th or so
off to a wedding in Germany but besides that little trip ... I just need some time off

Wishing you sunshine and some ice cream on top of that


Dishcloth Labour&Wait

Carina Seth-Anderson for IITTALA

Paper basket at O-Kitchen

Purse Vanessa Bruno

Small collection of , things hanging around...in my picture file.

| \

This post for me is an exercise in throwing things together....not in a careless way
but to keep things spontaneous...not to serious...
You need that to create anything really

Top picture is a work called 'wonder forest' by Japanese paper artist
Manabu Hangai

Bottom picture from the workforwork project via Mia Forster
(via Lena Corwin)

╓ ╓╖

These drawings are from last years collection by Andrea Ayala Closa
The pictures are from her graduation show at the Flanders Fashion Institute

From all this years graduates , Andrea to me is the one who managed to tell her own story after reading all the stories from the past.
If you look at the other graduates you can see that the school puts much emphasis on knowing the history of costumes/clothing



we went to the opening of the new library here in Amsterdam
Here's a very long video they made of the official opening on Saturday.

This is a great view from the ground floor , behind this were the escalators which made you feel like you were in a luxurious department store....where unfortunately you have to bring the goods back

When I was 6 years old I was strongly against that idea... I didn't want to bring back books that I loved..... after a while I saw the benefits..... it's not practical to want to own everything you like. I hope this new library will grow on me the way my childhood library did

Architect : Jo Coenen & Co

Saw these at Play Mountain a store in Japan
They are made by Caleb Siemon and are from a previous collection
Excellent choice by Play Mountain I have to say

oh....and I'm taking part in the hoping for happy accidents {small} books swap and my swap partner is IRINA from Milchmädchen....we haven't met yet , but that will happen soon...

Milchmädchen means something like : Girl who serves milk
which is called melkmeisje in Dutch , it's also the name of this painting

Enjoy what ever you're doing....and I'll see you next week :)

/ ¦)

once in a while...

this thing happens , which is called a shopping spree...
often in places you visit for the first time and where everything is
at affordable prices
So I also 'bought' ....

- this bag
-these bowls
- a flower pin
- and this just because it looks cool
- white mesh bag

Phhhhh.......thanks to hoping for happy accidents


Top picture via Rose&Radish
Big pouffe Ishi by Naoto Fukasawa for Driade

This is awfully tiny....I'm sorry
but it still looks very appealing
by textile artist Pasi Välimaa

My hand dye has finally arrived from Birmingham...
and in relation to something else i'm working on : this looks like a great book

shown by Nuria at Inkthread letterpress studio

。°◦ 。 °

Gorgeous isn't it....maybe one of you knows who made these
The only thing I know is that I cut it out from an elle decoration U.K.
a couple of years ago

Had to think of this picture from Debra/Culiblog shown on Beton&Garten