nube italia

kho liang le

.    .    .     i'm into butttons

just bought a similar chair

.    .    .    it's in need of a make over

.   .   .    laundry day

taking a look again at the mina perhonen catalog

.    .    .  a big thank you to marina esmeraldo/minimalissimo
for her wonderful post about grijs

had coffee at the blue tea house

.   .    .    sanding and painting the floor

.  .   . stumbled upon this bag in a shop

the red was simply breathtaking
like it was radiating

by fred de la bretoniere

. .   .    .   .  happy monday girls and boys!

to make a monday more easy i thought

'lets have some tea or coffee together '

the coffee maker is from 1992

you can see that , still a bit '80

very beautiful though

the tea cup is from zara

the tea is mint tea
and sometimes jasmine tea

.   .  .  portobello's

the last one in the series for now

+ i got a lovely box from julie

filled with things like sugar , tea and mesquite bean flower

to wish me a happy new year :)

◞ ╯

red potatoes

named laura
grown here in holland

 . . . they're so good

. . . what will the new year be about

                  i'll take it step by step and start with my love for vegetables

. . . rediscovered kho liang le

i love how this chair reminds you of an insect


fuse interiors

․․․․ . ..

wishing you a happy new year *

wanted to join in on the series of christmas diner tables

here's mine