.                         .       my windows this time

i'm quietly trying things out


+ thanks for your comments on my firts print*

.                         .         textile print

i used foam for the shape

glued to a plastic block    it's about 5 cm wide

what i like about it is that the fabric still looks and feels airy

.                         .            see through


i'm trying out water based textile dyes for printing 




          .                         .          i'm taking my camera outside more

          something that changed the way i look at houses forever is
          michael haneke's movie caché

◾ ‧

.                         .         sitting on my neighbours balcony

i noticed her beautiful christmas tree

after we had been watching guys climb into trees to cut them down

all the women went a bit crazy watching them :)     they looked like hero's

p.s. i'll  post more often i needed some time off

.                         .      trail house by anne holtrop

taken at the z33 exhibition     mind the system find the gap



     linoleum and brass


    Tablescape concept  by christiane högner

.                         .

i loved anne holtrop's work because of it's organic way of being and it's beautiful structure and material

and christiane's work because of how it gives structure  and it's eenvoud / simplicity

anyway i 'm happy that i went    the place is beautiful

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