sweet tear

by jung you

love her pillow blanket as well

harlekiini towel

and have you seen ashley's hair piece
... very beautiful

have a nice weekend !

photograph :
chikashi suzuki
purple magazine

remember the bag ...
in 2006
i saw it on pan-dan

still love it


yokohama light
by georg baldele
originally intended
for an installation

now at the aram gallery

organic cotton tops
spring collection
by marco polo

still love to show you anything beautifully made
didn't plan to lose my grijs logo
but when it did , i felt okay with it

now i can change it more often
looking forward to spring f.e.

hope you still feel comfortable
around here ...

p.s. the sidebar isn't ready yet

⁄ \

by freddy chandra

oak table
by wogg

girls and boys i need some quiet time

i'll be back on monday with a new lay-out


bags by studio malou

... i like this mirror


silk top

rice pan

... everyday i look for an apartment in antwerp

the almost perfect ones are very nice to look at though

no 1 ... the cat needs a garden , so do we

no 2 ... the same

no 3 ... no workspace

so many colors but which ones do you go for ....

at the moment i'm into the almost non existing colors

because they're so subtle

no visible changes yet as you can see
still working on those
the colors inspire me today

love the chocolate brown...

i'm going to use it on a piece of woolen
fabric , which is a lot thicker then i used
on the other scarves , different in size therefore

sideboard with porcelain top
by simen aarseth

thanks to yatzer