yokohama light
by georg baldele
originally intended
for an installation

now at the aram gallery

organic cotton tops
spring collection
by marco polo

still love to show you anything beautifully made
didn't plan to lose my grijs logo
but when it did , i felt okay with it

now i can change it more often
looking forward to spring f.e.

hope you still feel comfortable
around here ...

p.s. the sidebar isn't ready yet


Nazara said...

it´s really beautiful the little changes you have done in the blog. i admire your delicate taste, and of course, the last post was lovely.

Ashes and Milk said...

Love the new photo. The minimal text works on your blog...

Jade & Gold said...

What a lovely light.

And don't worry, still enjoy visiting your 'new' blog!

so said...

looks lovely loraine!

Anonymous said...

I loved the other font more :( it read more easily...
but for the rest i really love your blog!

ah-yi said...

i love the changes!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous ... just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Lieve Loraine,
Heel geraffineerd je nieuwe look, alles is even verfijnd, mooi, er zweeft echt een eigen stijlconcept doorheen. Ik mis wel je oude logo want die was wel heel erg mooi.
Heel veel liefs, Wanda

d. said...

do you know this work?
enjoy !