.                    .  .


i'm off to eindhoven


               .                    . .

               laying in the light


               beautiful windows somewhere

               thanks perfektus


.                    .  . 

my window sill


beautiful things



+ i love this small table by muuto


          .                    .  .    went to a forest


           and found the black berries  again

           it's called a forest but it looks more like a park


           dutch design week is coming up , looking forward to it

           i'll go there sometime next week




.                    .  .

some things to enjoy

had a dream about a rock once  it was lilac and see through

and laying on the floor


   .                    .  .

   found mushrooms and berries


   i'm going back for a type of black berries that give green

   apple green

   the mushrooms give a pale yellow , maybe the color will look more interesting in a few days

   also found elderberries but their color isn't a red-ish purple

   more a red-ish brown very beautiful though

.                     .  .

i'm hunting for berries to dye with

.                    .  .

Dear Steve  ,

Thank you for making my life more beautiful and fun

me and a system like DOS would never have become friends





     .                   .  .


     the kho chairs


     i like the state they're in now

     somewhere in between


.               .  .

ini mini apples

antwerp likes it's fruits as much as i do
found these laying on the street

little chairs in brooklyn

an exhibition of 29 vintage children's chairs

at mc&co