.                                 .           the palace


     wanted to see it from the inside  as a way of saying goodbye to amsterdam


laura dols




                                                                                                        vola tap

my guess

+ irene started  bloesem wear *




                                                                                                 stalk               speakers

                        ella bates-hermans





i grew up next to the belgian border / a river

my dads' mother was born on the other side

i always loved the other side more

i'm going to cross the river         looking for a place in antwerp

happy sunday !


                                                                                                        around the corner


╺ ╻


                                                      daikoku design institute

                                                                                             so easy to love

when does love become a fetish
or are they two different things

why does the word love sound so much better
and is so much better at describing what i feel for objects

some thoughts on m°ba





                                                                                                               friso kramer




                                                               casi casi

◹ ◺



happy monday *



╺ ╻



                                                                                       amba molly  -  ATLAS