h ² O   ◦ 9

wishing you a wonderful new year !!!

thank you for stopping by
... the nice comments you left
for loving and buying my towels+scarves
and simply for being there

i love this little community we have

and the pom poms ... a martha stewart tip from
last year ... found a tutorial over here

see you in the next year
until monday !

in the midst of present hunting i came across
these great alpaca socks

love this photograph by maurice scheltens
also on the cover of his book

+ empty bottles by wassinklundgren

+ lines&shapes

lots of things to do before christmas

so happy holidays !

i'll be back to wish you a happy new year

take care




ishizaki asako



cloud weave

handwoven woolen rugs and carpets


wanted to let you know that the scarves
have all been shipped yesterday

time for christmas cards and presents

enjoy your weekend !

˙¨ ˙˙ ˙

waking up and finding out they have almost sold out
is such a pleasure .. . . .

( brown is ... sold too! )

+a big thank you to kelly for posting about them

and a big thank you to everyone who has bought one !

the free form chairs are from 1963
by uchida design

:: now it is time for packing
they will all be sent within the next few days

R ª Y

my shop is open !

5 naturally dyed scarves
1 in natural indigo
except for the process

i made sure that all
the colors are warm
they will light up your face


ᴿ a ᵞ

a late night post for today

i'm showing you three of the
no name scarves

all 5 of them will be for sale
in my shop next monday
at 14:00 amsterdam time / GMT+1

good night , good morning or good afternoon !

tablecloth via kirpputori

and a mohair blanket
love the color

in my search for a restaurant we once
visited in copenhagen but can't retrace

i came across very good food
about (star) restaurants in denmark
and abroad

very enjoyable going through
all those diners

art on a plate how would it taste..

talk to you tomorrow

your name here series
by thomas voorn

i like this series too

via today and tomorrow

C1 house

you can imagine things in it
i like that


a new publisher/project space
in amsterdam and eindhoven

showing you the scarves is going to
to take me a few more days