tablecloth via kirpputori

and a mohair blanket
love the color

in my search for a restaurant we once
visited in copenhagen but can't retrace

i came across very good food
about (star) restaurants in denmark
and abroad

very enjoyable going through
all those diners

art on a plate how would it taste..

talk to you tomorrow


Anonymous said...

I live in Copenhagen - and I didn't know that blog about nice restaurants in the city, so thank you for sharing!! Thank you also for a very inspiring, aestetic blog - your photos are beautiful.

Loraine said...

i wanted to go to noma but that was before i realized it was a STAR restaurant ;) and thank you!

Anonymous said...

about kirpputori. It means fleemarket in finnish and the site is full of finnish things. The bag is by Johanna Gullischen (JG). By the way: I really like your blog, I dig it. RT