... landscapes in your home
i like that


hope to have the scarves ready
by the end of next week

thinking about buying some extra light bulbs ...

... have a nice weekend !

⠂⠐ . ⠈

... how are you

was it as dark at your place as it was over here

today is much better

like to look at these objects
in this exhibition

:: envelope

printed cotton bags , aprons ...
from belgium
by people from all over europe

nice pillow

... some new socks

found at HEMA
they normally don't carry nice colors
... very happy with that development

+ a very nice annex
see all the pictures over here

come darkness by MAV on flickr

photography by mav work by caitlin mociun


.... are you ready for come darkness

lots of beautiful small art/craft pieces

browse through it all over here

the silk scarf is by me
i'm dyeing a few more
for my own collection

have fun !

▮ ▋



sweet , aren't they
nice glassware too

... there's a mina perhonen exhibition
at the textile museum
, it runs until the end of februari
i'll take a trip down there after christmas

little peek

affaire d'eau

... hi people
things are a bit hectic around here

i would love to be in that tub right now with lots of bubbles in it

+ there's a very nice show coming up
opening next friday at chellis wilson

put together by maria alexandra vettese

... maria always has great ideas
excited to be a part of it !
i'll share some pictures with you when i can