mor mor rita

new to me kids clothes
top picture via orfeo
the 2 bottom pictures via modern child

very nice designs and colors
can't link to their website
it's blocked

... and i like won hundred
love their site design


hunting for spring/summer fabrics

cottons linens ....

the bottom one is silk
... very sculptural
not very soft

dyed them quickly with wood dyes
... they contain tannins so you don't need a mordant

i love the woolen fabric because of the way it moves
and i'm guessing the linen will also move beautifully

still looking for more samples

which is a part i also love


i do love your comments

although i'm more quiet
... frank (my boyfriend)
wouldn't call me very quiet
it's relative


... just in time before spring

i do have a thing for the brussels sprouts
and the peeler as well

inside out

the weather is so beautiful
i packed the scarves outside
in the garden wearing a big sweater

so nice to finally get some light

they're shipped now !

Enjoy your weekend

new scarves

at 18:00 amsterdam time
as a reference that means
13:00 in new york

the shop is ready !

there are 2 left

sold out

thanks everyone !

.... the sun is shining !
that is good news

i was looking for nice textily things
came across meyke link
what i'm showing you is part of her graduation

you should see marloes ten bhömer's shoe designs

+ tomorrow a few new scarves !

junya ishigami
via miru-kenchiku

evam eva

there's just something about
the combination of architecture and clothes
or maybe just textiles and spaces
that i really like

ryuji nakamura architects

kitchen cloth

very beautiful linen
originally used for mosquito nets

didn't mean not to post
i was having keyboard problems

in the mean time nice things happened :

a beautiful photo of one of my scarves

and i'm on the sites we like list
... somewhere on 42nd street

+ rachelle klaassen
+ ilse acke

image herzog & de meuron

st. martins

... for my love of scale models

... for simply throwing
something on

this was for dreaming purposes
back to my scarves now
hope to show them
to you next week

happy weekend !

crate shelf
martin born


been very busy with the scarves the last few days
this time the plan is to create a certain pallet
like cooking from a book of recipes

talk to you tomorrow!


the architecture group

i'm into prefab
also this one

love the steel structure

and i saw this beautiful picture
of björk