ryuji nakamura architects

kitchen cloth

very beautiful linen
originally used for mosquito nets

didn't mean not to post
i was having keyboard problems

in the mean time nice things happened :

a beautiful photo of one of my scarves

and i'm on the sites we like list
... somewhere on 42nd street

+ rachelle klaassen
+ ilse acke


Luke Neve said...

Hmm this is picture is perfect for my latest project thankyou so much for posting it.
Acctually most of the things on your blog inspire me in some way

Nazara said...

japanese architecture... always ethereal, clean and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

wow! thank you! :o

Anonymous said...

love that kitchen cloth. so tactile. and beautiful image of your scarf!

ilse acke said...

thanks :-)

Libby said...

I love that space by ryuji nakamura architects! So calming....