. . . went to see the ijm studio's and
brought back some beautiful objects with me

bottom picture is dust created
by frank installing a light switch

+ i wanted to see renilde's work

you can see pictures of the shop
during inside design over here

. . . it was a joy to see

left the place with my mind filled with colors and beautiful textiles

good night !

. . . some shots from the minä perhonen catalog

more pictures here

took it with me everywhere i went to protect it from the dust

an update on the renovation :

i'm into light switches and sockets
this one was easy . . . there aren't many to choose from

i'll show you soon

. . .. stumbled upon a beautiful exhibition
in antwerp

by sayaka yamamoto

go and see it if you can
kloosterstraat 13

no photos allowed

went to see the super normal exhibition
by naoto fukasawa + jasper morrison

in gent

- an interview

- more photos

. . . because everything is designed

and how do these objects make you feel
or what do they
mean to you
in an intangible way

loved it !

. . . back home again

had to escape the sound of the sanding machine
and went to


more tomorrow