tomas alonso
v&a table +benches
beautiful ... everything

the light bulb as we know it
has to go ... it costs to much energy

don't know why but i felt the need to highlight
one beautiful specimen

... hmm just came across
these beautiful ceramic bowls

next week i can tell you when
the new scarves will be in the shop

have a lovely long weekend !


r said...

you too, enjoy your weekend! i like the pic of the lightbulb as well, surrounded by white.

Loraine said...

hey rut have a lovely weekend !

Nazara said...

Awesome this first image. By the way, i met Tomás Alonso in Madrid the past year for a workshop. Nice guy :)

liza said...

Beautiful...both images. Have a happy weekend!

mdv said...

Always I return here, for a bit of poetry

Anonymous said...

The really sad thing about the "modern" energy saving bulbs is that they are full of mercury which will end up on dumps and then in the ground...

sofiasophie said...

I love the table, the bulb and the photos of course!