. . . after 2 months

of waiting

it was time

to eat my lettuce !

would like to go and see the super normal exhibition in gent

. . . maybe next month


Nazara said...

don´t you think it was too much time waiting for the lettuce? :)
my father has some lettuces in the vegetable garden, and it´s awesome to see how fast they grow.
maybe they need more earth.
well, if i wanted to cultivate them, i´m sure they would need even more time, because i am a mess!

Loraine said...

nazara ... this is holland

+ a city garden with not much sun !

... i'm happy and it tasted wonderful

NICOMADE said...

looks delicious and fresh! was it worth the wait?

Loraine said...

nicole it was worth the wait it tasted very good, but if i could buy it on the market i would.
it was only enough for 2 days

next year i'll try romaine lettuce ... i think it will give a better return