chair table light and a carpet...

"paperchair" by jeroen Wand.
I found it here at wonderwood

" lebock" by Greige in Berlin
You need 2 of these and maybe something like a door and there you go,
a table....

" Large Foldup" light shade 110 cm wide 2002/2003 by Bertjan Pot

Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings designed 8 unique carpets, back in 2001. They used weaving remnants of the weaving factory M.I.D (Deventer, The Netherlands).
This one I like the most, but see for yourself Scholten&Baijings


siola said...

The foldup lamp is now produced by the french design editor Moustache. Looks awesome in bright colors!

siola said... (have a look)

Unknown said...
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