Because New York Design Week is starting tomorrow I want to remind you of
Christiane Högner and 4 others who are going to present their work at Hall 1-D Booth 402 (just in front of the entrance) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Under the name of
101% Designed in Brussels

Also wanted to show you my KOOS boots and my first steps in to the world of printing
and well... i don't now where this will go but
here it is

Wishing you good things...see you next week


k.c.k. said...

oh oh loraine! you must sell these prints! i love them!

Loraine said...

oh oh K.
I should shouldn't I.
you gave me an idea there,I was thinking the prints on its self weren't enough but i should reconsider that.

Anonymous said...

oh yes - sell these prints {and one to me}! ;-)

I featured your work on my blog today - something different and refreshing after seeing so many birds and trees and branches everywhere.

have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

Bonjour, it is a very beautiful/mooi start in printing, congratulations and success !

Carson said...

I love the spartan simplicity of your print work Loraine
I've already favourited mine :)

I don’t know whether these things are ‘you’ or not (and I’m guessing they’re probably not) but I just ‘tagged’ you for a meme.
Details on my blog.
Of course it’s up to you whether you do it or not.
But I gotta say… I hope you do because I actually really want to know about the enigmatic Loraine.

tpjewelry said...
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