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i wish i could show you the cos store because the beauty
in that collection lyes in the colors

2 french speaking lady's in a booth next to me said it best
when they repeatedly sighed "ah domage" /"what a pity"
they probably too,
were looking for some sign of hips !

but the colors are gorgeous , must show you frank's sweater

+ found through my stats


such a gorgeous dress


emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

I still have a very hard time understanding why we don't have cos stores in Sweden. After all, it is a Swedish company! And I think the clothes would sell really well here. Can't you take some photos of the store, please? I'm so curious!

Loraine said...

i know emma , there isn't one in amsterdam either , so maybe next time when i visit antwerp or the hague .

usagi said...

Oh my good! you made my day.
Would you sell more of your tea towels? I love them x

Loraine said...

hi usagi , no i won't be making those again , but thank you x

i'm busy searching for something new

Liz Cox said...

Wow, I'm glad there's such a beautiful store right here in The Hague! I will definitely visit. I love their dresses however I fear my hips may not make the squeeze :)

Anonymous said...
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