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installation esther stocker

via willis henry

i'm thinking about ways to hang a tea towel
just love the clothes hangers

hope to show you some pictures of dyed wool
and linen over the weekend

it's almost time for the last mordant bath
very excited about how the dyeing is going to turn out

wishing you a warm weekend

.... some pictures of my natural dyeing adventure !


Anonymous said...

i'd love walking through it to view the installation from all the different perspectives. how do you find such cool things? :)

hope your weekend is swell as well!

Anonymous said...

oh i wish i could follow you around (or be in your head) for a week. :)

Anonymous said...

looking forward to your pics of dyed wool and linen, have a warm weekend too!

Anonymous said...

I've seen your flickr photos and just love their simplicity and finely balanced colour. Very much looking forward to seeing more and what comes out of it all!

Ashes and Milk said...

Very nice experiments of color. Love the tones as shown, and look forward to see more.

so said...

your colors are turning out nicely...
now what? ;)

Vitte said...

Wow - your dyed wool has so nice and natural colors. Love the pictures of your experiment.

Loraine said...

thank you everyone :)!