paper + volume

top picture is a beautiful one from buaisou
and that's not the only one

the chairs are made by yael mer
she created paper shells and filled them with
expandable foam and then removed the paper shell

i very much like the shapes
but my heart goes out to the paper shell


Anonymous said...

I really like the stools and lights at buaisou.

And the yael mer head handbag is frightening!

Anonymous said...

And those rocking slippers! Lovely.

Loraine said...

are you taking pictures or is it too sunny for you ?

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to.. i mean, it is just sunny enough. But while making soba noodles for myself i spilt a lot of boiling water on my hand and thigh, so its hard walk around and go outside. I've been couch ridden for a couple of days.

I feel, now, that i need a nicely molded foam chair or a pair of rocking slippers to spend my temporary paralysis..

Loraine said...

you can stay in the cave and be pampered by the women for a few days
but then you have to go out and kill a bear or something , we're running out of meat. A wounded man is a dangerous situation...

Carson said...

What's the second from the top, Loraine? The cross-hatched looking one; I love that!
And about more of your work on gris..please do! And, well maybe gris used to be all about other peoples' work but it's evolving into something else way of looking at it :)

Delphine R2M said...

The last picture reminds me about "le Plieur", I discovered his works yesterday at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris: