² ◌ ¹ ◯

... wishing you a wonderful new year !

and thanks for visiting this space last year ...

something unbelievable happened at the end of last year
... someone rang our doorbell and asked us
if we would like to buy our apartment

... and we did

celebrated that in antwerp last week
... yes there's a contradiction there

anyhow ... the new year will be about white and light
and i know you will make the world more beautiful
again this year




Janet said...

Oh, congrats! What a lovely way to begin a new year.

hujour said...

Oh, that sounds really nice :) Happy new year!

Eireann said...


i was in antwerp just a few days ago, too.

charlotte said...

that's such fantastic news. yeah!!!

mav said...

oh my! how lovely! happy new year to you.

r said...

wonderful for you!
happy new year loraine! was waiting for your first post of the year.. :)

so said...


happy 2010 loraine!


Unknown said...

cestitam! (croatian for "congratulations")

i look forward to more of your beautiful photography and good taste in the coming year(s).

P R I M O E Z A said...

congratulations - what a nice post.
the image is beautiful.

Loraine said...

thanks everyone !

hi natasa , nice to see you here !