n° 1

                            i have trouble throwing things away
                            like the pieces of paper in this picture
                            who collected themselves by chance

                           n° 2

                           last april i stopped smoking 


                            n° 3

                            i studied at a certain art school largely because i liked the building
                            ( de rietveld )

                            n° 4

                            last year i discovered the quality of white fabric lampshades
                            never owned one before

                            n° 5

                            i love quietness ,a kind that is never empty

                            n° 6

                           i want to do more with textiles than dyeing



                            i love visiting cities
                            and getting to know them
                            after 3 days i usually
                            do not want to get back home

                          it's almost midnight

                          sleep well


Carline van Oel said...

I like your nr. 3 :)

nazara said...

i loved to read about you.

alessandra said...

it's nice to know a bit more about you...

Yoli said...

How lovely.