... read somewhere that alpaca is

harder to felt

... because it is so delicate

it's true

i'm starting to like alpaca when felted

... the sun is shining :)
well it did for an hour ...


yu-i said...

alpaca looks so fine and delicate!
is it softer than other regular wood felt??

Loraine said...

it is very soft
and the fine fibers give it a soft glow around the edges

merino is very soft as well , just different and fibers don't peep out.
it depends on how long you felt it also .

so said...

hi loraine,
are you knitting & then felting, or just felting fibers or woven fabric??
(i find that after felting a knitted alpaca piece, it gets softer to the touch...)

how are you??
it's been a while since we chatted...


my sisters and me said...

hi. i am new to felting - just finding my way . . . really lovely blog and work.

Loraine said...

hi tracy how have you been

i'm felting fibers , want to make something i need but can't find

thanks my sister and me , i'm kind of new to it also

Abigail Thomas said...

never felted with alpaca - do you find it harder to felt then or you just read that is was?!