since we are not going on a summer holiday
i decided to treat this month as sort of one

but i'll be spending lots of time on dyeing and
I discovered that you can use pigments for
painting/printing ,with soy milk as a binder
and that france has lots of natural pigments
what would happen to france if we stopped
using synthetic pigments
would it ruin the landscape etc.

Lot's of things to think about when you try to do things
as environmentally friendly as possible,
white linen f.e. is normally bleached with chlorine
a more safe way is by the use of oxygen , i'm trying that now
because indigo looks better on a white background
it doesn't bleach very well and you have to use lots of it

love this dyed piece

the pictures are from playing with digital brushes
and the bottom one is from last sunday when
i put on some nice clothes for a change
and to say hi

i would love to spend some time over here
wouldn't you ...


so said...

love that first image loraine.

...what's going to come of all your dyeing? will you then be sewing? (just curious...and anxious to see)

Anonymous said...

the first image is sublime.
and i think it is really great how much you think about the environment and doing what you love and wondering what effect it will have on the environment. good for you.

Loraine said...

i don't know yet tracy , let's just see what comes out of the first step

thanks nancy , when i search for information on the net i come across many papers by scientist who are trying to find better ways of dealing with textiles and dyeing...very hopeful