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flower bulbs dipped in wax as a way to package them
and when you plant them the roots grow through the wax

by marielle leenders

carpet by henzel

these have been hanging around in my files for a while
because i didn't know what to think of them
intriguing shape though
by miroike


cake. said...

whoa. i love all 3 of these things! the bulbs are beautiful, the rug is perfect and i'd love those shoes in baby sizes.

raining sheep said...

The bulbs are pretty amazing...what an incredible concept. Are those baby shoes or adult ones...not certain what I think of those...they kind of remind of something Santa's elves would wear :) But on a little one, they would be so cute.

Loraine said...

unfortunately they're for grown ups
ladies ! and they look like ballet shoes with wooden tips and that was the part i liked .. not so much looking like a clown ;)

karin said...

beautiful, beautiful things you picked here, I must say!