Next month we're going to a wedding in Germany.... so that's why I'm into dresses at the moment. 'what to wear....what to wear'
These are dresses from the 'lump' collection by Rei Kawakubo/comme des garçon 1997
and these and this one are from Junya Watanabe/comme des garçon 2000/01

You know how some people get tears in their eyes from watching a painting..
I get emotional when seeing dresses like these.

I'm looking forward to reading the interview with Maria Vettese at design*sponge
and.... Hoping for happy accidents ... your an inspiration to me too.


labourofheart* said...

I understand you perfectly! I feel the same way watching CdG and Junya Watanabe's work! It's art!

Unknown said...
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Joe Nguyen said...

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