. . . the shop is OPEN

they looked like fish to me

so i called the collection  zalm - salmon - saumon - salmone

just click the salmon and you'll enter the shop

scroll down to see all 5

click a scarf for details

enjoy *


thank you for buying !


yu-i said...

o man, i want the no.5 salmon and it's gone!! so fast!!

but it's so nice to wake up and see all these nice scarves in the morning!!
will you make more salmon color scarves with zigzag detail??

Loraine said...

looks cool right :) and perfect for you

i'll do my best

L.P. said...

Gah, they are all sold already!

mav said...

oh heartbroken. i missed it! damn!!

de inktvis said...

wat een schone kleur!

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

the shop and the scarfs look beautiful loraine. we put your lovely shop in our latest currently loving section on our blog.

sammy & glenn

Andreas said...


jokemijn said...

whoops, te laat. De navy blauwe was mijn favoriet, hij heeft vast een gelukkige eigenaar gevonden.

Sherman Unkefer said...

I love it! nice post.