can you immediately see what this is ?

i thought i was looking at someone
dressed up in a costume
with it's head bent down....
i like it when you can't tell right away

it's a picture by audrey corregan of a series
called obviously

and i like this now in milan

+ this lovely spoon


so said...

thanks for sharing audrey's work.
love the birds...
and all of her other series.

that balloon is great too!

Caterine said...

une pie, non? ekster?

tyler said...

wow, surreal birdies and owls. the title is especially clever once you see the series. her other works are haunting yet compelling. i must visit again -- thanks for your ever-inspiring finds. you have a beautiful eye for exquisitely minimal design.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and clever body of work from Audrey.

Loraine said...

oui caterine une ekster , t'as gagner !

Caterine said...

het is normaal, ik ben een winner!