picture by vincent van gurp

just in time before it starts getting warmer...

heater table by reinier bosch designed for large spaces
like a restaurant , it would warm you and the food
it's going to be presented in milan next week

and this sounds interesting

+ for those of you who missed my dipped
tea towels... i'm working on a second series


阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...

wow, it is delightful surprise.

i will get them in H&M tokyo.


Anonymous said...

Wow that fireplace..bench..table thing is great!

Too bad we don't have an H&M in this city..

Anonymous said...

a quarter of my screen is ruined from my monitor falling on the ground..
i can scroll through fine though.

interesting about comme des garcons & h&m!

Loraine said...

Hi Miho yes it is isn't it....we'll have to wait till november.

hey pom ,
so h&m isn't everywhere..
but it's usually just for girls so you're not going to miss out on it.

Loraine said...

ruth--anne ...it fell...that sounds definitive , thanks for letting me know though

for the h&m thing i'm hoping it won't have a gothic /cinderella theme like her last collection

Anonymous said...

I live right near Montreal which has an H&M so its not so bad..

It's not all for girls, at least! I may have a sweater / jacket from there..

MWM said...

yea for more tea towels!

ashley said...

o hurray! a second series!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for more dipped towels.

Loraine said...

:))) thanks girls , i should bring cake!