.... some new things around the house
and the little candles are here to stay
until it gets lighter

this chair would go nicely with it ...

i'm starting with back orders for the scarves this week
and filing all those color swatches from the first batch
a bit of a slow start ... which is good ... it's cold


charlotte said...

beautiful candles. i agree, they should hang around for as long as possible, they're so cheery. happy new year loraine.

Anonymous said...

love the geometric box

Hanna Åberg said...

hey, be careful with the candles. they have to be at least 10 cm from each other. they can easily be overheated and explode.

(and beautiful photos)

Zhao Chien said...

Lovely layout! May I know where you bought the box?

Loraine said...

zhao , i bought it here in amsterdam