picture fabrice gousset

love this setting

lamp by wieki somers and hanger by noato fukasawa
at gallery kreo

a fun news post for today

:: a special moment with nina

:: watch this and smile
port2port on tv

and just when i was thinking
should i continue to post about other people's

:: i got nominated for 10 most influential design bloggers 2008
by home rejuvenation

:: listed by MARTHA'S craft editors as a favorite
amongst other blogs i admire (unbelievable)

:: awarded by jo

:: awarded by nathalie

you can e-mail me if you would like a tea towel

Wishing you a nice day !


Ashes and Milk said...

"!!!!!!!!!!" -that's all I can say.

Loraine said...

:)) me too !!

Loraine said...

i mean lost for words is what i can say

charlotte said...

such great news, loraine!
although it doesn't surprise me one bit.

Anonymous said...

super news!

Anonymous said...

Hello Loraine,
it was a pleasure awarding you and much more that that: isn't it fantastic that more awards and reassurance and love is flowing in now?

Loraine said...

Thanks girls !

it's nice of people to award you in some way , so i thought lets mention that

i wasn't questioning my blog because i don't love it but because i'm using other people's work .

Anonymous said...

*I understand*!