the good news is...

that there are quite a few
still for sale
for which i'm putting together
a shop , opening next week

they will be the last dipped
tea towels for sale

the bad news for me was that they
only sold a few , contrary to the
high expectations they had

next time i'll act on
my own instincts
but it was still a good
thing i participated
+ to be invited

more tomorrow on other
things that happened


Anonymous said...

oh too bad that they didn't sell as well as you expected especially since they are so lovely and cool!!
waiting anxiously for them to go on sale...;)

Loraine said...

thanks nancy :)

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling. Keep your head held high! Am looking forward to the shop!

Unknown said...

When will these be available, and are you selling them now? I want some...

Loraine said...

Hi Jo thanks for understanding , sometimes the decisions you make are both good and bad , i guess

Lindsay you can e-mail me if you want !

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me , every time i try to buy one of these they are sold out. cant wait for them to hit your shop.
we are opening a retail in sydney in the new year, would love to carry some of your pieces.

nikole said...

beautiful these are