finished the new tea towels for inside design
and dropped them off yesterday
so excited about it ...
i'm going to visit tomorrow so in the evening
i can show you pictures

my dear friend wanda is visiting from portugal today
and i'm so happy to see her again
+ her baby girl!

talk to you tomorrow evening !


Anonymous said...

I would love to get a couple of your towels.
Can you send to NYC?

Anonymous said...

i was just about to ask the same question....but instead can you send them to montréal?

Anonymous said...

tellement beau!
not for the kitchen...for sure
so so beautifull!

ah-yi said...

I love that light gray color! i can't wait to see more photos of the new tea towels! did you use different colors this time!

Loraine said...

sweet paul and nancy : yes i would love to send them overseas , no problem. Let's just hope that there'll be 2 left on monday !

galette : ce n'est pas une pipe ;)

ah-yi : for the scarf i did , but natural colors change when you mix them with vinegar/sour or soda ash/alkali
or how old the dye bath is , that's how these colors came about

Anonymous said...

i'm with ah-yi - the grey shades are superb.
brings to my mind shadows across the tea towel. stunning. really beautiful subtlety to the work.

Sabra said...

I would definitely like a couple (to ny too) - would you let me know? Congrats on great work (again)

oldyarns. said...

They remind me of the ocean on a cloudy day. Truly beautiful.

Loraine said...

thanks kirsten
and oldyarns

sabra i'll know more tomorrow evening !

Anonymous said...
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