❙ ❚

what i feared might happen dyeing larger pieces
is that the dye wouldn't attach itself evenly
but it did... so happy with that !

and i'm mixing and mixing colors

i chose not to use iron chrome or tin
because then i would have chemical waist

but flowers bark walnuts

anyway i'm loving this
can't wait to show you
when they're finished

wishing you a lovely weekend !


Anonymous said...

absolutely stunning. i cannot wait to see what you are up to. it's so inspiring to me. x mav

Liz Cox said...

It all looks very intriguing! Looking forward to see what will emerge from all your experiments.

Anonymous said...

I love the passion and hesitancy you bring to your process - such a poignant ingredient for the end result :)

Molly said...

Love all those textures and beauty.

leanne said...

what did you use to set the colors? Did you use alum? your scarves are so beautiful and i'm about to experiment with some linen - but i didn't want to use anything other than plants or vegetables.