what i love about winter is wool
and what i'm looking forward to is the 20th of january
because that feels like the real new beginning
i can't wait...

i'll leave you for this week
with a winter garland

and a chair i very much like
saw it in a store combined
with a purple cushion in
the same fabric

i'm mordanting the fabric this week
so next week will be more fun
because i can start dyeing (is there another word for that?)

riihivilla is a blog about dyeing wool
with plants wood flowers

have a warm weekend !


Anonymous said...

Loraine, now I am wondering what is going to happen on the 20th... Did I miss something.
Thanks over and over for finding the site about dying wool. It is a treasure.
All the best for you.

Loraine said...

hi jo , that is the date when barack obama will be officially installed as president , which feels more new to me then new year.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course! And I am so happy for your country!!!

Anonymous said...

u as well! love the winter garland..

so said...

...unfortunately, i don't think things will instantaneously get better on jan. 20. it's going to take QUITE A BIT of time to fix the HUGE mess 'W' has gotten the us in!!

...love the wool chair though!

Loraine said...

jo we are neighbours i live in holland!

thanks r!

tracy i don't think it will happen over night. It will be more clear, by then , how terrible the situation is
+ he can start doing things

Anonymous said...

Woops and pardon!!
I truly forgot and seem in a confused mess.
Well, then good luck to both our countries regarding the consequences of this lovely change...
Entschuldigung once more!!

KATLIN said...

I love the way that sweater wraps!!