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the woolen fabric arrived
we are getting to know each other

bookcase mikado

a bit like the lean-on clothes rack
not meant to replace your closet
but as an extra

i'll start cutting the fabric now
yes i was stalling it..

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Simone said...

Love it when new fabric arrives (esp if I ordered it for no special project)... Oh, and the bookcase is amazing.

Lotte said...

When ever I want to take a big breath...
I visit your blog :)

ryan said...

hits are rising

Anonymous said...

lovely pic.. looks soft (the fabric).

ryan said...

neutral facial expression

Loraine said...

simone , actually that was the first time for me

thanks fruenswerk ! it has the same effect on me, there's so much to see and read that at least i need a summary..

thank you r!

ryan , the hits are rising ?

Anonymous said...
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