.     .    .. ..   .   you can hear the sound of the drums in the background i hope

    le train fantôme




    sunday suppers

    studio nord


    i decided to hand out the award to people not already
    featured on my blog

    choosing 7 means leaving out
    many more

    tomorrow 7 things about me because this post is getting way to long


KonfettiForm said...

What a great surprise!! And so sweet of you, thank you. I´m on my way out the door from work, but had to say Thank You really quickly... Love, Lena.

alliot + iza said...

i thought i'm dreaming!!!
My heartfelt thanks dear Loraine!
It means a lot to me to be in the list :)

Yoli said...

So well deserved! I came over from beautiful Iza's blog and you could not have picked a more deserving blog.

Yanyan said...

Those are beautiful blogs, just like yours. Izakoo is the first blog I ever read online and I love it ever since. Congratulations Alliot and Iza!! You truly deserves the honor!

fanja said...

thank you very much Loraine, what a sweet surprise..
and in such good company. im giving you an award straight away too, your blog is beautiful xx